Research Associate Spotlight: Angeline Sangalang

Angeline (LeeAnn) Sangalang, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Dayton (B.A., Communication/Psychology, 2011; M.A, Communication, University of Southern California, 2014; Ph.D., Communication, University of Southern California, 2015). Prior to UD, she was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Annenberg School for Communication and Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research has primarily explored representations of health in media, the impact of these portrayals have on health attitudes and behaviors, and message design in mass mediated health campaigns.

Much of her current work addresses issues of diversity. Two current projects are collaborations with fellow MDC colleagues aimed at combating stigmatized health issues: 1) an analysis of primetime television content (news, entertainment, commercials) for representations of a range of stigmatized health issues (e.g., mental illness, HIV/AIDs, etc.; with Dr. Julius Riles and Dr. Ryan J. Hurley) and 2) a series of experiments testing features of narrative messages for their potential to reduce stigma surrounding mental illness (with Dr. Jessie M. Quintero Johnson).

Additionally, partially inspired by Dr. Sangalang's past work with USC's Media and Diversity Initiative (now known as the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative), she is in the early stages of a study with USC doctoral student Lauren Sowa and Dr. Michael J. Cody that is exploring the representation of women in STEM and law careers in crime and detective shows (such as Criminal Minds, Bones, and Law & Order SVU) and the potential for these representations to inspire young girls' intent to pursue such careers.

Angeline Sangalang